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Solar Power

Solar power offers many advantages worth considering when it comes to offsetting your electricity consumption. By installing solar power you are investing in the sustainability of your business financially and environmentally. Investing in Solar power can make the single biggest reduction in your energy consumption.
At RENPRO Solutions, solar energy is an extremely important part of our overall energy saving measures. We assure you that by installing solar energy solutions you will not only be using a completely renewable energy source but you will reduce your consumption of electricity, whilst maintaining optimal power for your office or commercial property.

iStock_000017732438XSmallOnce installed, solar panels and lighting have negligible running costs, offer a promising return on investment and is one of the most energy efficient, noise-free products on the market.

Take for example a 100kW solar system; just by installing this you can be assured that it will prevent over 2000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, equivalent to taking 800 cars off the road.


So how does it work?

A typical solar panel is made of up multiple solar photovoltaic (PV) cells. These cells then collect solar energy from the sun and convert it into direct current (DC) power. This is then converted again into alternating current (AC) power and is used in your business via an inverter which works to supply your power and feed excess power back into the grid.

As part of your initial energy audit and emission analysis, we will provide you with solar power options based on your specific needs. From here we will deal with the manufacturers to supply you with a quality product that we know will maintain the optimal level of power for your business.

At RENPRO solutions, we are dedicated to installing the right solar energy system, energy efficient lighting, and air conditioning needs for your business and we will never settle for anything less than a major power factor correction.

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