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Power Factor Correction

At RENPRO Solutions we specialise in Power Factor Correction, a process whereby we install a Power Factor Correction Unit. Power Factor or (PF) is a measure of how your business uses its electricity.

By comparing the Apparent Power (kVA) delivered to your switch board to the Active Power (kW) used by your equipment we can calculate your Power Factor. The difference is the Reactive Power (kVAr) or lost power.

The Beer Analogy


kVA = The Full Glass

kW = The Beer Liquid

kVAr = The Beer Foam 

What is Power Factor?

Power Factor is the measurement of how effectively electrical power is being used.

The lower the Power Factor, the more reactive power the Utilities need to provide.

This can then result in larger capacity to supply power, capacity problems can also lead to ‘brown-outs’.

Most importantly, higher operating costs due to higher Peak Demand charges.

How can you fix it and reduce your Peak Demand charges?

By installing Power Factor Correction equipment.

The benefits by installing a PFC unit include:

Reduces Peak Demand charge

Increases your sites power infrastructure

e.g. If your PF is 0.7 and you improve it to 0.95, on a 2000kVA substation this will free up over 500kVA or an extra 25% capacity

Reduces power losses in site transformers and the network

Helps stabilise your sites electrical system voltage levels

Energex Funding Assistance

Business customers with a PF of less than 0.88 may be eligible for some funding from Energex to assist with the cost of installing PFC equipment, contact Energex direct to find out more.

RENPRO Solutions is listed on the Energex PFC Suppliers Register.

RENPRO Solutions can Size, Supply and Install your PFC equipment for you.

RENPRO Solutions are partners with Schneider Electric for Power Factor Correction.

We can increase your power factor to 0.98/9 by installing the Power factor Correction Unit.
With kVA billing coming into effect July 1, 2015 now is the time to get your Power Factor measured and corrected ready for the new billing practices.

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