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Energy Efficient Lighting

In recent years energy use for commercial properties has rapidly increased due to the construction of larger buildings and the installation of more light fittings per property.We know that you could significantly reduce the amount of energy you use and cut your operating costs by making smarter lighting choices and moving to more energy efficient technologies.This is why we are continually sourcing the latest environmentally friendly lighting solutions that are of a quality that we believe will hold their brightness throughout the majority of their lifespan.iStock_000003159467XSmalliStock_000009942879XSmall


We can provide you with energy efficient LED down lights, LED T8 Tubes and LED high bays.


Please find our main lighting options outlined below:

LED T8 Tube

BMD T8 TubeThe LED T8 Tube is used to replace the traditional Flourescent 36W Tube. The LED T8 Tube can be retro fitted to most existing fittings. The LED T8 Tube is 18W meaning low energy consumption. With a 50000 hour life span maintenance costs are also low.

LED Down Lights

downLightLED Down lights are available in a large variety of sizes, wattage and beam angles. Because of the many options available we can find a solution for any of your existing or new lighting needs. They all have a 50000 hour life span.

LED High bays

LED High bays are a very good option to replace your existing 400W Metal Halide High bays. The new LED High bays are 100W or 200W which is 50-75% more efficient. They turn on instantly and give off very little heat. The real benefit is the long life span reducing the cost of replacing bulbs. 50000 hour life span and a large heat sink to keep the unit cool.

As the lighting world is ever changing we will continue to keep well informed. Keep an eye on this page as new products will be appearing all the time.



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