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Air Conditioning

As part of our energy saving portfolio we also offer air conditioning power reduction devices.Air conditioning is now a part of daily life in any business and as such we need to do all that we can to ensure that your air conditioning device is working in the most energy efficient way possible.We all know that the air conditioner and its user can be more efficient but don’t necessarily know how to make this a reality..

At RENPRO Solutions we can install a device called the Aircon Off™

bigstock-Air-Conditioners-706019Aircon Off is a device that is retrofitted to existing or new air conditioners. Once fitted you can set the parameters for the ac unit through the Aircon Off. For example set to the lowest temperature at 22º and max temperature at 26º, the air conditioner will run more efficient at these temperatures. The other main function with Aircon Off is that it detects if people are present in a room. You can set the Aircon Off to turn the air conditioning off after a certain amount of time if it detects no movement in the room.
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